As the Widening Horizons Project on Woodhouse Close, comes to the end of the first year, we have reflected that it has been a monumental achievement to get centre back to a thriving community resource. The project has had a very good year, although we recognise that there is still plenty of work to be done.

Some of the year’s highlights included the recruitment of 10 volunteers across the year that have supported AYCC and the Reaching Communities Project. We have supported over 100 people in looking at employability skills and opportunities. We have also supported 25 people to feel less isolated and lonely.

We have supported the creation of 8 social/peer/recreational support groups within the project with each group reducing social isolation and promoting emotional wellbeing. The projects have looked at improving feelings of self and looks at how an individual feels about themselves including their self-esteem, confidence, emotional well-being and resilience. The groups have looked to improved relationships with participant’s family and friends. Focusing on how an individual relates to the people around them, including the relationships they develop, the quality of these relationships, and sense of connectedness or isolation

We have seen progress at improving perceptions of and connectedness to the local community by participants of the project. Working specifically with young people to get a feeling that as an individual they are a part of a meaningful community and to feel connected to the environment around them. We have seen the progress of this project link to the improved overall life satisfaction of our participants.