The children are offered a healthy snack when they come into the club. The children eat the snack as a group and we find this is a good socialising activity. Snacks include Pasta, Salad wraps, Mince & Dumplings, Bangers & Mash, Beans on toast, Jacket Potatoes and many more.

We change the variety of snacks on a weekly basis. All snacks are included in the price of our after school session. The children are offered fresh fruit after their snack and occasionally the children can take part in a cookery activity to make food eg Biscuits, Trifle, Pizzas etc to have for or after a snack or to take home.


In the holidays, children are offered a light breakfast which is usually toast or cereal and then is offered a snack mid-afternoon which is the same as they get after school. All snacks in the holidays are included in the price of a holiday session.

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Whilst the Centre is open later than 5 pm each weekday due to activities, room hire enquiries can only be managed by the office staff during normal office hours.

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